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Abra Macabra. Fantasy beasts

Welcome to an exhibition of costumes by Alesia Savolainen!

She designs and creates fantasy-themed costumes, accessories and props. All of her costumes have a unique design, are hand-made, and bring to life some of the characters from her imaginary world.

Alesia is an artist and a costume designer based in Finland. She lives in Savonlinna and currently studies to become artisan in theatre technique at the SAMIedu Vocational College.

In 2013 she founded her brand Abra Macabra. It is a laboratory of image and together with a team of professional photographers and artists, she works on images and organizes shootings.


IlmoittautuminenEi ilmoitettuja tietoja
Aika2.9.2019 - 30.9.2019 klo 09:00 - 15:00
SijaintiRavintola Paviljoki, Rajalahdenkatu 4, 57710, Savonlinna
JärjestäjäAbra Macabra
AvainsanatMuseot, näyttelyt ja galleriat
Katsottu420 kertaa

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